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What is it, and why would i want to use it?

Mp3 renamer 2006 by MiKe is a shell script for Linux. It goes by the Unix name of rename-mp3.

It looks at MP3 files in a Directory and, using id3v2, will rename all the mp3 files in a nice format according to the id3 tags

rename-mp3 will look at both v1 and v2 id3 tags, and will make the output file in a Title-Album-Artist.mp3 format

It saves time, and not only will it read the id3 tags, but in the event that the MP3 file has no id3 tags, you will be given 4 options

1)abort 2)skip 3)rename 4)write id3 tags, and you are asked what you would like the id3 tag artist, track name and album to be.

This is great if you want the track to be easy to view and yet you still like having a library of music that is all tagged nicely!


Version o.6 did not work. 0.62 does now...

How do i get it?

You can Download rename-mp3 files here



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